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27 February 2019
Author: Joe Jazzy
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Trends Of Culture - When Trend Men Come Name: Trends Of Culture - When Trend Men Come
Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap
Release Date: 2019
Group Members: Grapevine, M.O.L., Nastee
Label: Gentleman's Relief Records / Heavy Jewelz Records ‎
Featuring: Method Man, Treach, Joker
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 129 Mb
Duration: 00:56:25
Description: Originally due to be released in 1995, the lost 2nd album from Trends Of Culture ‘When Trend Men Come’ has finally arrived courtesy of GRR/Heavy Jewelz and is a must-have for 90s rap fanatics. Featuring the original 11 track album (remastered from the impossible-to-obtain promo tape and sounding great) plus 3 bonus demo tracks from the same era (the demos are pretty rough but have been restored as best as possible).

01. Trends Anthem
02. Make A Move
03. What I'm Feeling
04. Always And Forever
05. Lavish Lifestyle
06. Who Got My Back (Remix) Feat. Method Man,Treach
07. On & On
08. Spread It All Over
09. Swinger Man
10. Other Man Lover Man
11. New Habits
12. Gunshot (Demo)
13. M.P.F. (The Game) (Demo) Feat. Joker
14. Real MC (Demo)
#1 shadymanyo 28 February 2019 13:06
охуенный релиз
#2 odb357 28 February 2019 19:24
блядь как будто на четвертый курс института вернулся cold_sweat

Просто он ушел...
#3 Vladakiss 1 March 2019 13:20
Трушный репчик.

All the money went where the hoes was.
Your mind ain't designer like the clothes was.
You a low down nigga, no love.
No tears, no sweat, no blood.
#4 Lil D 2 March 2019 09:40
Давно старого хопчика не слушал, спасибо.
#5 Raekwon Killah 17 November 2020 17:42
Трэндс Оф Культур крутой забытый андер! ровно 5 лет назад в начале ноября 2015-го слушал их дебютный альбом Trendz, а этот неизданный нарулил 2 недели назад и он нормально вкатил, а больше всего вкачали треки:

01. Trends Anthem
04. Always And Forever
06. Who Got My Back (Remix) Feat. Method Man,Treach
07. On & On
09. Swinger Man
12. Gunshot (Demo)


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