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31 October 2011
Author: calaver
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Name: RyPa - Trap Jaw
Genre: Underground Rap, Horrorcore
Release Date: 2011
Format: MP3
Quality: 128 Kbps
Size: 66Mb
Duration: 01:06:26
Description: Project compiled by RyPa with all of his older work from 1999-2004, before "The Haunted Parables". His older listeners have already heard the tracks on this album, but as for you new listeners, you will hear the origin of his style grow verse by verse .. all of this material is un-mastered and of poorer quality since it was recorded before he knew how to do what he does currently ..

1.) Inverted Tongue Overture (intro)
2.) ByBle Paper-1999
3.) OnSlaught-2000
4.) Black Words prod Dark-2003
5.) Pontification prod Stijn-2004
6.) Mynor Glitch-2002
7.) Astral Projection interlude
8.) The Real Haunting in Connecticut-1999
9.) Optimus Grime prod pHiL-2003
10.) Megacosm prod and feat. Dark-1999
11.) Beastly-2001
12.) Sam Hain85-2000
13.) RyPa LungFu feat and prod pHiL-2002
14.) Kiss my Ryngs-1999
15.) Population Uncontrolled interlude prod Dark
16.) RyPa The Mirror System
17.) Hollow States Of Subconciousness prod pHiL-2002
18.) Djiin Messiah
19.) Ghost Soldyer-2004
20.) Dark Aikydo-2004
21.) Childs Play-2004
22.) Optimus Grime Stijn Remix-2004
23.) Dipples Oil Outro prod RyPa
24.) Bonus track-The Fuel feat. Dark-2010
25.) Bonus track MaInStreAm Of BloOd-2010
26.) Bonus track-Mirage 66-2011
#1 MAGOD 31 October 2011 19:37
Цитата: Master G
Не, ну мы определённо пользуемся одним и тем же источником.

не удивительно.
все 2 (?) альбома слышал, это тоже оценю..

Psychokinetics - Sensory Descent
Sam Gunz – Scattered EP
#2 MAGOD 31 October 2011 20:04
Цитата: Master G
Почему ?

мало сейчас сайтов где качественный андер сливают, именно сливают новинки, андер сейчас не популярно.. потому и андер потому и круто))

Psychokinetics - Sensory Descent
Sam Gunz – Scattered EP
#3 Blood on my knife 31 October 2011 20:26
Низкопробный тэйп, совсем не понравилось, хотя если поменять музло может и норм будет, а так 3-


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