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5 March 2015
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John Robinson & Chief - We The Prolific (320 kbps)Name: John Robinson (aka Lil Sci of Scienz Of Life) & Chief - We The Prolific
Genre: Underground Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Label: Feelin' Music
Featuring: Dexter St. Jock (of Savage Balet); Everliven Sound (Cymarshall Law + Skit Slam); ID 4 Windz (of Scienz Of Life); Jocelyn Ellis; Kyra Climbingbear; Stan 1; Tiffany Paige; U-George (of The Hemisphere)
Producer: Chief
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps Спектр
Duration: 00:41:15
Size: 100 Mb
Description: Новинка!

Legendary emcee John Robinson joined forces with dynamic beatmaker Chief to craft this aptly-titled intercontinental masterpiece, "We the Prolific". After over a year of exchanges, team work and perfecting, the album is finally ready to come out on Feelin' music.

The collaborative effort, born out of mutual appreciation both personal and musical, shows two universes collapsing into one substantial outcome, a solid album blending elements of traditional hip-hop with modern productions. Over the sinuous course of its thirteen diverse tracks, "We the Prolific" showcases the distinctive flow and lyrics of John Robinson perfectly complementing Chief's twisted productions, an unlikely alliance pushing the boundaries of hip-hop while preserving its backbone.

"We the Prolific" truly is a refreshing hip-hop exploit by these two confirmed driving forces of the current hip-hop and beats scene.

[03:08] 01. We The Prolific
[02:29] 02. The Rhythmics
[03:02] 03. Go There feat. Kyra Climbingbear
[03:09] 04. Everywhere
[03:13] 05. Everliven Scienz feat. Skitslam, Cymarshall Law & ID 4 Windz (Scienz of Life & Everliven Sound)
[03:12] 06. Stillness feat. Tiffany Paige
[02:47] 07. She used to be
[03:56] 08. Accuracy feat. Dexter St. Jock (Savage Balet)
[03:05] 09. Rock on
[03:26] 10. Deep inside feat. Stan 1
[02:54] 11. Fitz Ella feat. Jocelyn Ellis
[03:05] 12. Grandiloquence
[03:42] 13. Mega Fly feat. U George
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Ждал. Благодарю.
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отличный альбом i_music спасибо!
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спасибо. не зашло

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