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30 April 2015
Author: O.G Crip
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CartelSons ‎– Solo But Not AloneArtist: CartelSons ‎– Solo But Not Alone
Location: France
Genre: West Coast Rap
Record Label: Doggystyle Records
Release data: Mar 4, 2014
Audio Format: mp3
Produced By: CartelSons; Fred First; Tekneek
Guest: Aloe Joel; Baby Eazy; Big2DaBoy; Bigg Two-J; Bossolo; Dazzie Dee; Foesum; Half Deezy; J-Minixx; Johnny Collarossi; Kam; Layzie Bone (of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony); MC Eiht; Monster Loco; Ms Toi; N.U.G; Nile Elo; Quictamac; Sean-T; Shade Sheist; Slip Capone; Sly Boogy; Spice-1; Tekneek; Von Jackson; Young Dazzie
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 114 Mb
Time: 00:48:28

01. Real West Soldiers (Feat. Ms Toi, Bossolo & Aloe Joel)
02. Anutha Story (Feat. Spice 1, Bossolo, Half Deezy & Aloe Joel)
03. Never Be The Same (Feat. Moster Loco)
04. Away (Feat. Shade Sheist, Quictamac, Dazzie Dee & Von Jackson)
05. Internet Gangstaz (Feat. Kam, MC Eiht, Sean-T & Aloe Joel)
06. Concrete Jungle (Feat. J-Minixx & Bossolo)
07. Time Fly (Feat. Layzie Bone, Baby Eazy, Half Deezy & Johnny Collarossi)
08. Face The RIP (Feat. Johnny Collarossi)
09. Kill Ya Self (Feat. Tekneek, N.U.G. & Nile Elo)
10. Nite Drama (Feat. Slip Capone & Big2DaBoy)
11. Can’t Turn Back (Feat. Sly Boogy, Quictamaz & Von Jackson)
12. Tha West (Feat. Young Dazzie, Monster Logo & Dazzie Dee)
13. What We Used To (Feat. Foesum, Young Dazzie, Monster Loco, Johnny Collarosi & Bigg Two-J)
#1 sunqissed 30 April 2015 18:02
Спасибо за качество!!! Через месяц новый альбом ожидается


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