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31 May 2016
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Epidemic - 4 Dimensions On A Paper [320 kbps / iTunes / FLAC]Name: Epidemic - 4 Dimensions On A Paper
Genre: Underground Hip-Hop
Year: 2016
Label: Mic Theory Records
Group Members: HexOne & Tek-Nition
Featuring: Melanin 9, Chad Bazel
Producers: The Loop.Holes, Boora, Da Eighth, Figub Brazlevic, Jewbei, Planet Ragtime, SicknessMP
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps Спектр / m4a | 256 kbps / FLAC | Lossless (tracks) Спектр
Duration: 01:07:46
Size: 155 Mb / 130 Mb/ 383 Mb
Description: Новый альбом

The 4th installment in Epidemic's catalog "4 Dimensions on a Paper" takes the listener on a journey through an array of sonic landscapes and emotions, much like seeing different seasons pass through the year. It was constructed in four sections each containing four songs with each section representing one of the four seasons. Beginning with an upbeat playful feel-good sound representing the summer, it slowly descends into heavier and deeper themes and more melancholic sounds. It eventually ends on a hopeful positive note much like the cycle of seasons is renewed during spring. The album features production by numerous beat makers from all over the world. The Loop.Holes (a production team from Norway) handled more than half of the beats on the project however, producing 11 of the 18 tracks. Other production includes Boora, SicknessMP, Jewbei, Planet Ragtime, Figub Brazlevic and Da Eighth. Featured artists include Melanin 9 and Chad Bazel. This album, with its minimalist approach to guest appearances and lengthy track list, aims to provide hardcore Hip-hop fans with a concentrated and substantial listen.

[04:40] 01. Bout That Time
[03:51] 02. Believe Dat
[04:31] 03. Do What You Like
[04:47] 04. Styles
[01:49] 05. Insignificance (Interlude)
[03:18] 06. All I Need
[03:27] 07. Four Dimensions on a Paper
[03:01] 08. Can't Get Enough
[03:28] 09. Countdown
[02:33] 10. Orbits (Interlude)
[03:55] 11. Space Travelin'
[04:01] 12. Metempsychosis
[04:23] 13. Seasunz feat. Melanin 9
[03:22] 14. From the Beginning
[03:01] 15. The Hidden
[04:52] 16. Round n Round
[05:01] 17. A Second to Wreck It
[03:39] 18. Get It Now feat. Chad Bazel

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#1 mbutu 6 April 2016 20:28
Утречком первым делом заценю

Аплоадерам всегда огромное спасибо!
Английский не знаю, не англоязычный рэп не слушаю.
#2 akir 6 April 2016 20:55
как будто старые добрые 90-е вернулись i_music
#3 Мягкий Тони 6 April 2016 21:04
Не знаю таких, но спасибо!

"И не надо тут горбатого лепить, моросить!" (с) Бледный
#4 mbutu 6 April 2016 21:37
Цитата: Мягкий Тони
Не знаю таких, но спасибо!

Срочно слушай все что выложено ниже по ним. Эт как минимум

Аплоадерам всегда огромное спасибо!
Английский не знаю, не англоязычный рэп не слушаю.
#5 =DFX= 7 April 2016 05:36
Very Nice!

Каждому своё, но своё не каждому...
#6 mbutu 7 April 2016 11:01
ну в общем- добротный альбом. не придраться.
но все равно мне первые два больше по душе.

Аплоадерам всегда огромное спасибо!
Английский не знаю, не англоязычный рэп не слушаю.
#7 shadymanyo 11 April 2016 12:37
добрый,ненавязчивый приятный хип хоп,по душе такое


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