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8 January 2017
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Kool Keith - Feature Magnetic [Bonus Track Version]Name: Kool Keith - Feature Magnetic
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2016
Label: Mello Music Group
Featuring: MF Doom, Necro, Slug of Atmosphere, Bumpy Knuckles, Ras Kass, Sadat X, Ed O.G., Craig G, Godfather Don, Mac Mall, Psycho Les, B.a.R.S. Murre, Dirt Nasty
Producers: Number One Producer (Kool Keith), L'Orange, Ocean Ave Records, Ol Man 80zz, Futurewave, Giz for Crazy 100
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps / m4a | 256 kbps
Duration: 00:46:58 / 00:42:29
Size: 107 Mb / 88 Mb

n a world full of cheesecake rappers, one man has assembled a phenomenal team to bring you madness. So stop stop what you're doing and get ready for a journey you've never taken before. Enter the sinister doctor, the Ultramagnetic visionary, Kool Keith, whose "Feature Magnetic," released Sept. 16 on Mello Music Group, is his latest bizarre transformative odyssey .

As always, Keith seems unstuck in time, oblivious to geography, brilliantly mixed unflinchingly grim details with surreal, fantastical tangents. He’s from the Bronx, but belongs to far-reaching astral dimensions. And Where many of his contemporaries have become legacy acts or revivalists, Keith continues to originate and perfect his wild style. He’s parked behind Oracle Arena in Oakland with Norah Jones -- riding a horse and carriage through Central Park (bystanders shout that he looks like Mike Tyson). He drinks with MF DOOM in dusty London basement and recruits a legendary squadron of fellow travelers including Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Bumpy Knuckles, Boston pioneer Ed O.G., Slug from Atmosphere, and Vallejo legend Mac Mall.

Throughout, Keith weaves in and out of our reality, stopping only long enough to dap his friends and pass the mic. The songs are straightforward: spare, innovative beats, simple hooks, and razor-sharp verses from an unlikely collection of geniuses. Keith switches moods, cadences, and points of view effortlessly. On “Tired” he’s world-weary and unappreciated; on “Bragging Rights,” the mink coat melts off his shoulders like butter. “Peer Pressure” cryptically considers his career and the shifting racial demographics of his audience, a far cry from the scene in “Stratocaster” when he pulls up in the teal Maybach, handing out off-the-book jobs to the people.

In an era of careful branding and secret signings, it’s a radical act to put out a rap record where no MC can hide. The no-frills approach is a high-wire act, the kind of format that weeds out the fakes and the imitators. Predictably, however, "Feature Magnetic" is full of world-class acrobats. On the closing track “Writers,” Ras Kass sums it up best: “H-O-R-S, me and Kool Keith playing HORSE with a verse/ ...all you hear is swish.”

[00:37] 01. Intro
[03:05] 02. Stratocaster feat. Godfather Don
[02:53] 03. MC Voltron feat. Craig G
[03:09] 04. Super Hero feat. MF DOOM
[03:58] 05. World Wide Lamper feat. Bars Murre & Dirt Nasty
[03:04] 06. Bragging Rights feat. Psycho Les
[03:11] 07. Girl Grab feat. Necro
[02:41] 08. Bonneville feat. Mac Mall
[03:16] 09. Tired feat. Ed O.G
[02:57] 10. Cold Freezer feat. Bumpy Knuckles
[03:32] 11. Peer Pressure feat. Slug of Atmosphere
[03:29] 12. Life feat. Sadat X
[03:22] 13. Writers feat. Ras Kass
[03:09] 14. Cheesecake
[04:28] 15. Super Hero [L'Orange Remix] feat. MF DOOM [Bonus Track]
#1 odb357 15 September 2016 23:56
Оч интрестин)спасибу thank

Просто он ушел...
#2 Jama 16 September 2016 17:07
Не знаю как там сам альбом, но ковер зачетный icon_exclaim

Only Real East Coast Rap!
#3 GM7777 8 January 2017 20:08
Кавер по задумке вообще супер:)
Альбом тоже неплох.
Перекачаю из-за бонус-версии.
#4 Па.Ни.Ка. 11 January 2017 17:29
Quote: Jama
Не знаю как там сам альбом, но ковер зачетный :icon_exclaim:

прям с языка снял

До смерти еще надо дожить...
#5 Maxsut 2 April 2017 17:03
Вот он неугомонный,штампует...По факту альбом особо ничем не выделяется,минимализм излишний. 8,9,12 треки неплохи.

кто имеет информацию-тот понемногу имеет этот и параллельный мир.


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