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17 February 2017
Author: Joe Jazzy
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Last Jazz Club - Under The Influence (Album + Instrumentals)Name: Last Jazz Club - Under The Influence
Genre: Jazz-Hop / Rap
Release Date: 2016 / 2017
Label: Fresh Pressings International
Group Members: Veks, Mike B
Producer: Mike B
Featuring: Dialate, Blame One
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 57 Mb / 58 Mb
Duration: 00:24:18 / 00:25:05
Description: The debut release by Last Jazz Club, a crew formed of MC Veks and producer Mike B... this is a bit more than an EP, perhaps its a mini-LP! Essential release for any heads who support that vintage 90s sound

01. Rhymes Premium
02. Intoxicated
03. Nuthin' But A.. (Ft Dialate)
04. Crack A 40
05. Representin' (Interlude)
06. Check It Out (Ft Blame One)
07. Same Shit
08. Analyze (Ft Nomadic)
09. Freestyle Controversy (Madd Joker)
10. Globes
#1 mbutu 3 April 2017 12:59
спокойный сильно приджазованный хапчик. тянет ко сну sleeping

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