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10 October 2017
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Oddisee - The Iceberg [320 kbps / iTunes / FLAC]Name: Oddisee (Diamond District) - The Iceberg
Genre: Hip-Hop
Year: 2017
Label: Mello Music Group
Featuring: Toine, Olivier St. Louis
Producer: Oddisee
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps / m4a | 256 kbps / FLAC | Lossless (tracks) [CD]
Duration: 00:47:47
Size: 109 Mb / 92 Mb / 292 Mb
Description: New Album

The prolific MC, producer and musician Oddisee’s new album ‘The Iceberg’ is a plea for humanity to dig deeper in search of understanding and common ground. His third release in just 12 months, ‘The Iceberg’ is a distillation of stereotypical tropes in hip-hop and beyond, 12 tracks about money, sex, politics, race and religion that appear superficial until his multi-dimensional lyrics unfurl to expose the complexities of individuality and identity: how we see ourselves and how others see us. Deeply soulful, and shot through with jazz, Go-go, gospel, thick r&b and hard beats, the album is a timely, poetic statement. ‘The Iceberg’ is out February 24 on Mello Music Group.

Lead single “Things” acts as a mission statement for the album, a deep dance groove with lightning-quick lyrics about “things” he’s going through. Says Oddisee, “"We all go through the trials & tribulations of life. Why is it we feel the need to individualize our shared experiences? If only we could see our concerns as others do, maybe they wouldn't be so serious."

[03:24] 01. Digging Deep
[03:46] 02. Things
[03:56] 03. Built by Pictures
[04:06] 04. Hold It Back
[05:05] 05. You Grew Up
[03:51] 06. NNGE (feat. Toine)
[03:44] 07. Like Really
[04:50] 08. Want to Be
[03:37] 09. This Girl I Know
[03:33] 10. Waiting Outside
[03:52] 11. Rain Dance
[03:58] 12. Rights & Wrongs (feat. Olivier St. Louis)
#1 jimla 23 February 2017 20:12
И снова великолепная музыка от замечательного артиста

"Хип-Хоп не умер. Это просто люди поддерживают дерьмо. Прекратите поддерживать это дерьмо и музыка будет лучше." © Method Man
#2 HiRez 24 February 2017 10:38
5/5. Отличный альбом [как всегда]

Нет Бога кроме Kanye West и Kendrick Lamar его пророк.
#3 DimoN17 27 February 2017 20:12
отменный альбом!

Music is my drug
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#4 Young_Fella 1 March 2017 21:44
альбом не понравился, предыдущие альбому для меня вкуснее были.
1,4,6,7 выделю.

Three point - is good
#5 Maxsut 18 July 2017 16:39
Блин,офигенный же релиз! Чувствую буду крутить его частенько.

кто имеет информацию-тот понемногу имеет этот и параллельный мир.
#6 Slava Zak 11 October 2017 21:01
Альбом же не новый


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