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27 February 2017
Author: Joe Jazzy
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L. - Live From Londyn EP (Vinyl)Name: L. - Live From Londyn EP (Vinyl)
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2017 (1996)
Label: Dusty Platter ‎/ Soundweight Records
Featuring: Jay Funk, K Mack
Format: mp3
Quality: V0 kbps
Size: 59 Mb
Duration: 00:30:37
Description: Soundweight Records and Dusty Platter are back with another sureshot collaboration, this time we are pleased to be dropping an unreleased gem of an EP from 1996, by the man L. Aka ( L Fly ) who dropped the classic Check The Flow/Relax Your Mind EP 12 on Sureshot Records.

2. Street Superstar
3. Relax Your Mind Ft. Jay Funk
4. Guns
5. Blue Lights And Blunts
6. ONG
7. Stackin Grands Ft. K Mack
8. Tight
#1 mbutu 9 March 2017 21:26
ну ничего так

Аплоадерам всегда огромное спасибо!
Английский не знаю, не англоязычный рэп не слушаю.
#2 Maxsut 9 February 2023 15:51
Классический звук, биты и читка на высоте. А звук винила добавляет особый привкус.

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