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21 April 2017
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TOPR – Afterlife Of The Party (320 kbps)Name: TOPR – Afterlife Of The Party
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Release Date: February 10, 2017
Label: Gurp City Digital
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 121 Mb

1. I Shouldn’t Have Left You (feat. DJ Quest)
2. The Illest
3. Gone off That Jameson (feat. Philo & Ronny Mac)
4. My Gmc
5. Cemetery Fence
6. Working Class (feat. DJ S.T.A.T.I.K.)
7. Og’s on Gurp (feat. Eddie K, Luke Sick & Smiddy)
8. Comet (feat. DJ Quest)
9. Game Show Host
10. Starstruck
11. Sunshine (feat. Otayo Dubb & Z-Man)
12. Norfolk Southern
13. Warning Shots (feat. DJ Defie)
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Gurp City introduces one of its newest collections of hip hop music’s hidden treasures—TOPR’s “AFTERLIFE OF THE PARTY” The project will be available February 22, 2017 via all major digital retail outlets.
A colossal juggernaut of an MC, who started his career as a Bay-wide battle roamer and homeless teenage graffiti writer (LORDS/CBS/WST/CMA/PCF/AMF/FTL) and forged his name as an iconic figure in the Bay Area’s hip hop music history, TOPR was a member of the Earthlings collective that opened for every major-market rap artist that played SF’s Maritime Hall in the late-90s and early-2000s. From there he went on to spawn his solo career as a songwriter and battle rapper before eventually finding a home with Gurp City. On this, his seventh solo studio album, he shares the billing with renowned stalwarts of the Bay Area rap scene such as DJ Quest, Z-Man, Otayo Dubb, DJ Defie, Philo, Ronnie Mac, Smiddy, Eddie K and Luke Sick.
AFTERLIFE OF THE PARTY showcases TOPR’s stout talents as a seasoned and confidant recording artist (jumping off with the sleeper hit “I Shouldn’t Have Left You” and culminates with the ominous harbinger “Warning Shots”) and highlights a hardcore and outlaw attitude of hip hop music artistry that may have easily been lost and forgotten. The album contains an ongoing theme of drug-addled miscreant turned somewhat well-adjusted adult, coming to terms with growing up, embracing fatherhood and the other realities facing todays aging B Boy / scumbag philosopher. Songs like “Cemetery Fence” and “Working Class” offer bleak depictions and drive home the stark realities that are constant for those that chose or are forced to eternally go “against it.” And to quote SF legends Faith No More: what is it? Maaan, what have you fucking got?
AOTP features 13 never-heard-before tracks with Cutty Bang and Otayo Dubb splitting the production duties pretty much half and half. It was mixed by Philo and TOPR himself and mastered by Shawn Hatfield (Audible Oddities) with an audio quality of the highest twenty-first century standard while def scratching from the featured turntablists completes the jam. The project has been described as “A fully realized TOPR” (Toph One/Let’s Side Magazine/AS/TMF). The production sounds as if TOPR and the A-list b-boys he has assembled to accompany the project mixed cocktails on the Neve console signed by Carl Perkins at A&M Studios in Hollywood and rapped, scratched and knocked bangers and slumps on through the night until the broad daylight and the job was done. One!

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