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30 January 2018
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Ras Kass, El Gant & J57 - Jamo Gang EPName: Ras Kass, El Gant & J57 - Jamo Gang EP
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2018
Label: Avenida Records / Soulspazm Distribution
Featuring: Big Twins, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Snak The Ripper
Producer: J57
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 00:26:20
Size: 61 Mb
Description: New EP

Jamo Gang started out as Ras Kass & El Gant writing and recording songs on the spot to new J57 beats at his Brooklyn studio in October of 2015. Their incredible chemistry quickly turned into a side-group for fun, which then turned into a serious group that lead to the three teaming up to create more than an album’s worth of music by early 2016, with a push from DJ Premier to do so.

Jamo Gang spent majority of 2016 & 2017 fine-combing their songs with J57 adding post production; as the three brought in a few hand-selected guest appearances for their debut, self-titled EP which is due out on January 30th.

Jamo Gang’s sound is of a signature New York knit, but they’re far from a boxed-in throwback. There’s a 90s sound at work here, but they’re not chained to it; J57’s soundscapes are anything but antiquated. His drums crush souls while Ras and Gant’s raw lullabies send them careening into the concrete

[00:58] 01. This is Jamo Gang
[04:20] 02. Go Away
[03:31] 03. Straight, No Chase
[03:18] 04. Here We Go Again feat. Big Twins
[03:00] 05. All Eyes on Us
[03:48] 06. Welcome to the Golden Era
[04:04] 07. Jamo Gang feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq
[03:19] 08. The Altar feat. Snak The Ripper
#1 iamg 31 January 2018 17:39
Гости хорошие, заберу пожалуй
#2 mc strike 1 February 2018 00:21
Ну в общем на троечку, отмечу Go Away, Straight, No Chase и All Eyes on Us

1)Tech N9ne — N9na
2)Twiztid — Generation Nightmare
3)Ubi — Under Bad Influence
4)The Dirtball — Skull Hollow
5)Onyx & SnowGoons — SnowMads
6)Joey Cool — Old Habits Die Hard
7)Gorilla Voltage — Gods & Claws
8)E-40 — Practice Makes Paper
9)L'orange & Jeremiah Jae — Complicate your life with violence
10)Yelawolf — Ghetto Cowboy
11)KRS-one — Street Light
12)iMayDay! — The Thinnest Line 2
#3 Jax-Den 11 February 2018 15:08
А ну попробуем.
#4 mbutu 1 March 2018 09:37
клевая ипишечка

Аплоадерам всегда огромное спасибо!
Английский не знаю, не англоязычный рэп не слушаю.
#5 iggi9 8 November 2018 23:24
"Шикарный EP!" Так бы я написал, если бы кое-кто не заруинил всю ипи своими припевами...


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