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14 January 2019
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FifthGod - The Fifth TapeName: FifthGod - The Fifth Tape
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2018
Label: Five Lights
Featuring: Ab-Soul, Skyzoo, Tragedy Khadafi, Fashawn, Da$h, RetcH, Remy Banks, Marlon Craft, Daytona, Radamiz, Muney Mac, King Critical
Producers: V Don, Big Mooch, Blank Noriega, Six
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 01:00:12
Size: 138 Mb
Description: New / The Debut Album From Emerging Record Producer FifthGod

The idea for what has now become The Fifth Tape was rooted in humble and sincere beginnings. I had only one simple intention when starting to formulate this LP back in 2014: To create an album of music that I could personally be proud of. A project consisting of my close friends and acquaintances throughout New York who I so passionately believed in, alongside other artists of the culture who I consider to be some of the best in the game right now. I wanted to create a piece of music that could serve as a tribute to a culture that has provided me with so much guidance, wisdom, and purpose throughout my life. An offering to the Spirit of Hip-Hop in the hopes that I could somehow contribute something valuable to this incredible art form. And although I would have never imagined the journey the undertaking of this project would take me on over these past 5 years, I am proud to say that I love what this project has turned into and the innumerable lessons it has provided to me. This project is a reflection of how I view Hip Hop at this point in time. An accurate portrayal of some of my favorite styles, approaches, and sounds that these artists have to offer. The Fifth Tape is a sonic journey not merely focusing on my own personal growth, but the growth and expansion of all of the artists featured on this detailed album. With majority of the production crafted by my Brother Blank Noriega, this album rings true to a specific sound within this culture that not too many others are attempting to uphold anymore. A project that embraces a changing industry and passes the torch to those who are up next, while placing importance on paying respect to the roots of this global phenomena we call Hip-Hop

[03:51] 01. W.I.F.G.?
[02:31] 02. Cold As Fuck feat. Dot Demo
[04:36] 03. '14 Stuy feat. Skyzoo, History & King Critical
[03:40] 04. Ladders feat. Marlon Craft
[03:43] 05. Troubled Youth feat. Chris Wattz & Daytona
[04:07] 06. The Path feat. Fashawn & I-Earn Chef
[02:00] 07. Blizzards (Interlude)
[03:14] 08. Iraq Airports feat. RetcH & Muney Mac
[04:15] 09. Transgression feat. Da$h, Ab-Soul & Radamiz
[04:57] 10. Conversations feat. Dre Dollasz, Remy Banks & History
[03:36] 11. Gentrification feat. Radamiz, Scienze & Kye Russoul
[06:00] 12. Vibrations feat. Madwiz & Chris Wattz
[06:37] 13. The Unknown (Peace) feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Muney Mac & King Critical
[02:15] 14. Five Year Plan feat. Blank Noriega
[04:42] 15. Gratitude
#1 noname 14 January 2019 14:49
с дэшем крутой трек, с ретчем так себе продакшн хоть и луи Ви дон.

по сути изначально интересовали только эти треки но поймал себя на мысли что не грех и целиком послушать, спасибо.

вест кост реп и хип хоп фо лайф навсегда
#2 Outlawzmob 14 January 2019 14:55
есть годные треки,а так проходняк конечно

тут как говорится релиз без единой концепции

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana
Griselda - What Would Chinegun Do

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#3 noname 14 January 2019 16:55
самое интересное на отрезке 8-10.

вест кост реп и хип хоп фо лайф навсегда
#4 Frukwan 14 January 2019 17:49
с Кадаффи - крутой тречелло!


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