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27 July 2019
Author: Joe Jazzy
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&aute&rom - MellowtationName: &aute&rom - Mellowtation
Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap
Release Date: 2019
Label: Millennium Jazz Music
Producer: &aute&rom
Featuring: C-Fau, Kapok, Kasey Andre, Kooley High, Kjell Inge Kamsvåg, Jørgen Lund Karlsen, Synne Arrestad Orvik, Vuyo, PHATS, Samnelly, Kevin Jerome, Awon
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 120 Mb
Duration: 00:52:20

01. Mellowtation Is
02. Welcome My People (feat. C-Fau)
03. Play & Prospher (feat. Kapok)
04. Sour Purple (feat. Kasey Andre)
05. Guiding Light (feat. Kooley High, Kjell Inge Kamsvåg)
06. Xqs.Elns
07. No Song (feat. C-Fau, Jørgen Lund Karlsen)
08. Mellow and U Like It (feat. Synne Arrestad Orvik)
09. What It's Worth (feat. Ashleigh Eymann)
10. Oneforthemellowfolks (feat. Jørgen Lund Karlsen)
11. Jollof (feat. Vuyo)
12. Buckethat & Papayafruit (feat. PHATS)
13. Sway with Me (feat. Samnelly)
14. Art Vadalay (feat. Vuyo, Jørgen Lund Karlsen)
15. Mellow Ride
16. Easyeasy (feat. Kevin Jerome)
17. Been to a Place or Two (feat. Awon)
18. Luvluvluv
19. Rain (feat. Samnelly)
20. Do Better (feat. Kasey Andre)
21. Dropin Ouuut


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