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29 August 2023
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Tha God Fahim - Shogunn SamplerName: Tha God Fahim - Shogunn Sampler
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2018
Label: UFO Cha Cha
Featuring: Mach-Hommy, Kungg Fuu
Producers: Tha God Fahim, Earl Sweatshirt, Nicholas Craven, JLVSN, Al.Divino, Black Noi$e, Navy Blue, Camoflauge Monk
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 00:39:23
Size: 91 Mb
Description: CDRip / In 2018, Atlanta bred emcee and producer Tha God Fahim and UK label UFO Cha Cha created the ambitious album series "Shogunn". Released on six CDR in 100 copies each, the albums doesn't only have different colors on the covers - blue, green, orange, purple, red, yellow, every album has its unique set of tracks - the entire series has nearly 200 tracks in total. The red version is a collaboration with Mach-Hommy. The "Shogunn Sampler" was also released in 2018 by UFO Cha Cha for promotion - collecting tracks from all six "Shogunn" volumes / 5th Anniversary

[02:58] 01. Black Birds [Prod. Tha God Fahim]
[03:06] 02. Bright Side of the Moon [Prod. Tha God Fahim]
[02:34] 03. Deep Tissue feat. Mach-Hommy [Prod. Tha God Fahim]
[02:29] 04. Don't Go Summer [Prod. Earl Sweatshirt]
[03:22] 05. Family [Prod. Nicholas Craven]
[02:09] 06. Flowers N Graveyards [Prod. JLVSN]
[02:31] 07. Half N Half [Prod. Tha God Fahim]
[03:18] 08. Lil' Wop of Horrors feat. Mach-Hommy [Prod. Tha God Fahim]
[02:28] 09. Pokey Karaoke [Prod. Al.Divino]
[01:08] 10. Samurai's Cup of Tea [Prod. Black Noi$e & Navy Blue]
[02:40] 11. Starz [Prod. Tha God Fahim]
[02:40] 12. The Garden feat. Kungg Fuu [Prod. Tha God Fahim]
[02:16] 13. Weeks R Months [Prod. Nicholas Craven]
[03:15] 14. What's Going On [Prod. Tha God Fahim]
[02:25] 15. Wind Chimes [Prod. Camoflauge Monk]


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