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18 April 2017
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KRS-One & Marley Marl - Hip Hop Lives (Japan Edition) [320 kbps]Name: KRS-One & Marley Marl - Hip Hop Lives (Japan Edition)
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2007
Label: Koch Records
Featuring: Blaq Poet, DJ Premier, Magic Juan, Chief Rocker Busy Bee
Producer: Marley Marl, K-Def (10)
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 00:03:43
Size: 145 Mb
Description: Hip Hop Lives is the collaborative album from MC KRS-One and producer Marley Marl. This is a historical album in the sense that 20 years prior, KRS and Marley were bitter rivals involved in the legendary Bridge Wars

After a 22-year grudge due to a disagreement over the birthplace of hip-hop, KRS-One and Marley Marl finally make amends on Hip Hop Lives. Unfortunately, the album that could be a great return to the “edutainment” of BDP ultimately falls short because of its bland lyrical content. KRS-One is too preoccupied with two issues: one being that hip-hop will never die, and the other that he was a prominent hip-hop pioneer in his heyday. His bragging rights are certainly deserved, but instead of using his legendary status to propel hip-hop forward, or to tell interesting stories about the genre, KRS-One rants like a retired professor reciting his résumé while trying to prove that he once reigned supreme. When he’s not reading a laundry list of all the major urban historical events that he attended, as on “I Was There” (which could have made for an interesting song with some background facts or lyrics that rhymed), he is professing his true love for hip-hop. He praises the genre, and he spits fire at the critics who claim that the art form is dying, but this album unfortunately doesn’t do much in the way of revival. As a natural leader and sharp-minded activist, it’s disappointing that KRS-One chose to harp on his status in history instead of embedding powerful social commentary within his rhymes, as he did on older songs like “2nd Quarter Free Throws.” The sole purpose of this album seems to be to win over fans new to hip-hop, and that prospect is unlikely, even with Marley Marl’s solid and current-sounding beats. Hopefully, the duo will team up again with a more engaging record that targets their core community — fans who already know hip-hop’s past and want to hear KRS-One spout thought-provoking rhymes again

[00:41] 01. It's Alive (Intro)
[02:51] 02. Hip Hop Lives
[03:15] 03. Nothing New
[03:47] 04. I Was There
[04:05] 05. Musika feat. Magic Juan
[03:29] 06. Rising To The Top
[03:51] 07. Over 30
[01:29] 08. M.A.R.L.E.Y. (Skit)
[02:56] 09. Kill A Rapper
[03:40] 10. Teacha's Back (Remixed by K-Def)
[03:47] 11. Victory feat. Blaq Poet (Scratches by DJ Premier)
[03:51] 12. This Is What It Is
[04:05] 13. All Skool
[04:30] 14. House Of Hits feat. Chief Rocker Busy Bee
[02:12] 15. Stop The Violence (Bonus Track)
[03:04] 16. Strictly Hip Hop (Bonus Track)
#1 wtf.dnmx 22 July 2010 14:24
Скачаю, спасибо
#2 G-EAZY 22 July 2010 14:47
альбом СУПЕР!!!2 трек - история хип-хопа за 2,5 минуты
Замечательный альбом. Благодарю автора и с удовольствием забираю в качестве )

''Тряпке никогда не стать флага полотнищем''

(с) Младший Сын Неба
#4 mcSCOrp10n 22 July 2010 16:29
Спасибо, классный альбом thank

#5 Big Daddy 22 July 2010 17:07
Hip-Hop Lives просто шедевр трек, как и весь альбом

Big mouth like Whodini for your lil' tongue
Hey rappers now where's your lil' gun?
#6 Street-G 22 July 2010 17:43
шикарный альбом от двух легенд, 6 трек просто рвет

Светлая память Keith Elam (17.07.66 - 19.04.10)

#7 Flatlinerz 22 July 2010 21:31
да ништяковский альбом...
#8 T.Or 23 July 2010 02:06
это проста бомба.

#9 deglace 27 June 2011 20:26
в кач i_music

Большой город - это каменный лес со своими законами и каждый, кто рвёт жопу за кусок получше, ничего не давая взамен, обязательно порвёт её. (с) Bad Balance.
#10 KXNG_J 18 April 2017 16:03
довольно таки крутой релиз
#11 Maxsut 8 September 2017 19:39
Отличнейший альбом от такого супер-дуэта,который стал ответом на альбом другого представителя восточного побережья,о том что хип-хоп умер.
Одноимённый с альбомом трэк стал прижизненной классикой.

кто имеет информацию-тот понемногу имеет этот и параллельный мир.


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