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2 November 2012
Author: Falk
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Omnipotent Records Presents Era Of The Titans Vol.1Name: Omnipotent Records Presents Era Of The Titans Vol.1
Genre: Underground Hip-Hop
Release Date: Jun 8, 2004
Producers: Beyonder; Bomshot; DJ Hype; Indanjaed Specie; Mr. Burns; Plain Pat; Ray Fernandes; Virtuoso; Zach Johnson
Label: Omnipotent Records
Guests: C-Rayz Walz, Virtuoso, Jus Allah, Bomshot, T-Ruckus, Rhetoric, Rise, Shine, DJ Hype, Indanjaed Specie,
Format: MP3
Quality: VBR V0
Size: 109 МБ
Duration: 01:10:46
Description: Omnipotent Records is proud to present "Era of the Titans: Vol.1", a monumental compilation of red-hot material from some of the most unique artists that the independent hip-hop scene has to offer. Featuring songs from C-Rayz Walz, Virtuoso, Jus Allah (formerly of Jedi Mind Tricks), T-Ruckus, Bomshot, Rise & Shine, DJ Hype and more, this record is sure to shake the ground this summer and until the next era arrives.Setting things off right with a "Classic" banger from C-Rayz Walz produced by Plain Pat, this record doesn't stop hitting, with Virtuoso jumping right into the mix to leave MC's in "A Pool of Blood" with his Beyonder produced torture rap. T-Ruckus takes you through the "Cycle with a Psycho" along side Rhetoric, and tells you all about his favorite hobby "Gettin' Fu!#ked Up" all over banging beats by The Accomplice, while Bomshot tunes you in to his "Internal Metronome" and drops knowledge to help you "Pull through the Flames". Then Jus Allah spits measured, methodical madness on "The Chess King" over a haunting backdrop produced by Virtuoso & The Accomplice, then joins the rest of the O on a killer posse cut also produced by the team of Virtuoso & The Accomplice that is guaranteed to leave your head "Severed and Split". And it doesn't stop there, the shockwaves just keep coming on this one, with well over an hour of musical monstrosities packed onto one album.

All in all, this is what the underground has been waiting for, a daring collection of unique music that can challenge the status quo in these confusing times. Fearing no obstacle, Omnipotent Records jumps back into the ring swinging with this bold release, which will have the supporters and detractors alike being forced to admit that now truly is the "Era of the Titans".



01. C-Rayz Walz – Classic
02. Virtuoso – A Pool Of Blood
03. Jus Allah, Bomshot, T-Ruckus & Virtuoso – Severed And Split
04. T-Ruckus & Rhetoric – Cycle With A Psycho
05. Jus Allah – Chess King
06. Bomshot – Internal Metronome
07. T-Ruckus – Gettin’ Fucked Up
08. C-Rayz Walz – Rhyme Doublin’
09. Rise & Shine, Virtuoso & DJ Hype – Berlin Wall
10. Bomshot & Indanjaed Specie – Cybernatic
11. Jus Allah – White Nightmare
12. Virtuoso – God Of Thunder
13. C-Rayz Walz – A Bonus
14. Jus Allah – Reign Of The Lord
15. Bomshot – Hi Density
16. T-Ruckus & Virtuoso – Basket Case
#1 Falk 2 November 2012 21:38
Запилил на последок! Всем удачи! fellow
#2 Мягкий Тони 2 November 2012 21:49
Хорошая отвальная! Спасибо!

"И не надо тут горбатого лепить, моросить!" (с) Бледный
#3 truhop 2 November 2012 22:55
Спасибо, круто.

Who's the Man?
#4 Learnuc 4 November 2012 04:06
Virtuoso и Jus Allah - надо качать,
Falk, tnx

#5 mbutu 15 December 2014 17:16
спасибо. но скучноват релиз, ничего не зацепило.

Аплоадерам всегда огромное спасибо!
Английский не знаю, не англоязычный рэп не слушаю.


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