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10 January 2017
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The Goondox (PMD, Sean Strange & Snowgoons) - Welcome To The Goondox (Deluxe Version)Name: The Goondox - Welcome To The Goondox
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2013
Label: Boondox Records / Goon MuSick / RBC Records
Group Members: PMD (EPMD), Sean Strange & Snowgoons
Featuring: Chief Kamachi, Esoteric (of Demigodz + Army Of The Pharaohs), Jaysaun, Jus Allah (of Jedi Mind Tricks), Psych Ward, Reef The Lost Cauze, Scott G, Sicknature (of Snowgoons), Smoothe Da Hustler, Stress (of NGP), Swifty McVay (of D12), Swollen Members, Tom J (of The Knucklehedz), Virtuoso, Bundy, El Toro, Gustapo (of First Cousins), Impakt, Klee Magor (of Riviera Regime), Meth Mouth, N.O. The God, Odoub
Producers: Snowgoons, Charlie Marotta
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 00:56:50
Size: 130 Mb
Description: Take a certified hip hop LEGEND, an underground future legend and the most noted producers in Europe and what do you get? Welcome to The Goondox!

This new powerhouse group consisting of Parish "PMD" Smith of the world famous EPMD, Sean Strange & Snowgoons was formed back in 2011 from what started as a friendly tour in Europe with the three independently run movements.

Sean & PMD's relationship dates back to 2003 when they recorded their first record together continued to develop as they performed on some shows together over the years and teamed up for a song featured on a track for Sean's 2010 release "Street Urchin". During the off days on the Europe tour Sean, PMD & Snowgoons recorded 2 songs and were so impressed with the turnout that they decided to do a full length album under the title "Welcome to The Goondox". Parish being noted for his many contributions to Hip Hop, including the discovering of legends like: Redman, Das Efx and more. Sean Strange being noted for his loyal cult underground following his past works with artists like: D12, Nature, ILL BILL and more. Snowgoons for handling the production for many respected artists from underground legends to hip hop royalty like M.O.P. and all of them known for their ferocious dedication for touring worldwide.

So far The Goondox has toured all through the USA, Canada and Europe since the formation of the group in 2011, completing over 200+ shows in the last 2 years including festivals such as: Rock the Bells, Hip Hop Kemp in Czech Republic and Royal Arena in Switzerland. With the album to be released on April 9th 2013, the hip hop community will surely take notice to this new powerhouse group.

Welcome To The Goondox features: Swifty McVay of Shady Records own D12, Hip Hop legend Smoothe Da Hustler, Swollen Members, Jus Allah of Jedi Mind Tricks, Underground heavy hitters Reef The Lost Cauze, Esoteric and of course entirely produced by The Snowgoons.

[00:32] 01. Intro (Hit Squad Airlines)
[03:07] 02. Welcome to the Goondox
[02:45] 03. All Around The World
[03:35] 04. New Box feat. Sicknature
[04:04] 05. No Time To Look Back (PMD Solo)
[04:00] 06. Bang Out (Remix) feat. Smoothe Da Hustler & N.O. The God
[02:49] 07. Weather The Storm feat. Scott G
[04:22] 08. Forever (Til The Death) feat. Swifty Mcvay (of D12), Stress, N.O. the God, Tom J., Chief Kamachi, El Toro & Gustapo
[03:46] 09. Stand Up (For The Love Of Hip Hop)
[03:25] 10. All Or Nothing (Sean Strange Solo)
[04:21] 11. Goondox Saints feat. Meth Mouth, Scott G, Odoub, Bundy, Reef the Lost Cauze & Esoteric
[03:19] 12. The Chase
[06:14] 13. Raps of the Titans feat. Swollen Memebers, Jus Allah, Impakt, Odoub, Klee Magor, Virtuoso, Meth Mouth, Psych Ward & Jaysaun
[02:54] 14. Living The Life
[02:56] 15. Everything feat. D.B.D.
[01:33] 16. Code Red feat. D.B.D.
[02:59] 17. Y'all Invited feat. Tom J (Of the Knucklehedz)
#1 Bounty Hunter 19 April 2013 19:27
Ну ветеран, ну респект! Хер с ним снеговики бывают ложают с битами! Ну бл*ть утверждать что тут только PMD может, это тотальный П*ЗДЕЦ. Strange стелет плотно, надо быть вообще без ушей что бы утверждать обратное! По мне так на фоне PMD того же, эффектней выглядит в разы.

P.S. А теперь сожрите меня гуру хип-хопа! wink

Качество обновлю, пару тройку треков оставил с альбома. Хотя соглашусь что слабенький. thank


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#2 Unicorus 19 April 2013 21:29
А мне понравился, даже больше чем Своллен мэмбэрсы
#3 eddie d 20 April 2013 16:57
да ну, не может этот альбум быть дном. ознакомлюсь из-за некоторых треков

old school
#4 Nezuesses 22 April 2013 12:11
на лося парни дайте ссылку плиз ми belay
#5 mx.FunK 23 April 2013 14:08
это весь рус рЕп гавно, а гунсы заебись выдали
#6 Smitty100 11 January 2017 15:35
неплохо, помнится 6-ой трек хорош
#7 mbutu 23 January 2017 19:40
качественно, конечно ж.но не зацепило

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