AlbumsWhatson - Detour EP

30 June 2013
Author: heartless
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Name: Whatson - Detour EP
Genre: Underground Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2013
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 75 MB
Description: Новинка от продюссера из Германии.
В гостях M-Dot, The Aztext, Born Unique, Kwote1, Swann, Planetary of Outerspace, Aims, Crookz Green, Chief Kamachi, Caucasian, Matt Maddox, Ellementt, Mayhem, Ruste Juxx, Pal One, Toby Ses, DJ Djaz & DJ TMB.

1. Detour Feat. M-Dot And DJ Djaz
2. Not Alone Feat. The Aztext
3. Rough And Rugged Feat. Born Unique, Kwote1, Swann And DJ TMB
4. Sold My Soul To Rock N Roll Feat. Planetary, M-Dot And Aims
5. Undergorund Kings Feat. Crookz Green, Chief Kamachi And DJ TMB
6. You´ll Never Know Feat. Caucasian
7. Knock Out Feat. Matt Maddox, Ellementt, Mayhem And DJ TMB
8. Runaway Feat. Caucasian, Ruste Juxx And DJ TMB
9. Bock Auf Alles Feat. Pal One, Toby Ses And DJ TMB
#1 black ninja 1 July 2013 08:24
Спасибо,Matt Maddox присутствует даже.
#2 Bounty Hunter 1 July 2013 11:01
Swann, Madd Maddox, Planetary, Ruste Juxx.....Качаю!!!!! Ковер на последний альбом White Shadow похож сильно..


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