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20 January 2019
Author: Joe Jazzy
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VA - Jazzvolution Chapter Two Name: VA - Jazzvolution Chapter Two
Genre: Instrumental Hip-Hop / Jazzy
Release Date: 2019
Label: HHV
Producers: Amerigo Gazaway, L'Orange, Surreal, Shin-Ski, Propo'88, Bobby Obsy, LTF, Tensei, Cosmic Analog Ensemble, Medline, Mindswimmer
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 88 Mb
Duration: 00:38:26
Description: New / Jazzvolution is a series of instrumental compilations which explore the deep connections between hip-hop and jazz. Each compilation focuses on the progression of the art of beatmaking. The series features beats rooted in hip-hop’s golden era, when producers recontextualized sounds by way of sampling.

01. Amerigo Gazaway - Building Blocks
02. L'Orange - The Talkative Mailman Can't Read
03. Surreal - James and the Giant Stereo
04. Shin-Ski - Nova
05. Propo'88 - Because I'm Buggin'
06. Bobby Obsy - Beat Noir
07. LTF - Kalypso
08. Tensei - Good Try
09. Cosmic Analog Ensemble - In Beer Ads Glasses Are Always Full
10. Medline - Eclipse
11. Mindswimmer - Water Is Clear, Pt. 1


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