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30 April 2013
Author: needtor
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K-Def - The ExhibitName: K-Def - The Exhibit
Genre: Hip-Hop
Year: 2013
Label: Redefinition Records
Featuring: Blu; Quartermaine; Seven Shawn (of World Renown)
Producer: K-Def
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps Спектр
Duration: 00:25:42
Size: 61 Mb
Description: Новый альбом!

Fresh off the success of his "One Man Band" album, legendary hip-hop producer K-Def is back in record time with another quality release called The Exhibit. This time, the New Jersey native included 11 instrumental arrangements alongside two vocal cuts that feature MCs Blu, Quartermaine (Kev Brown, Low Budget Records) and Seven Shawn (of World Renown). Listening to The Exhibit is sorta like walking through an art gallery or museum; some of what you hear might be open to interpretation while other pieces may or may not be exactly what they seem at first glance. The Exhibit is not a concept album and does not have a running theme throughout, instead it's simply a collection of great art that further solidifies K-Def's reputation as an expert audio engineer and an exciting producer/ arranger.

[02:54] 01. Exhibit 2a feat. Seven Shawn (of World Renown)
[02:18] 02. The Fundamentals feat. Blu, Quartermaine
[03:45] 03. Improvs From The Brain (instrumental)
[01:28] 04. Mind Boggled (instrumental)
[01:45] 05. Get Your Mustard (instrumental
[02:41] 06. Relay The Piece (instrumental)
[00:46] 07. Lost My Thought (instrumental)
[02:32] 08. Stay Thinking About Music (instrumental)
[01:13] 09. Belly Pots (instrumental)
[02:34] 10. Sitting At The Crib Pondering
[01:41] 11. Chord Tester (instrumental)
[01:17] 12. Rock It (instrumental)
[00:42] 13. Lost Outro (instrumental)
#1 drem 30 April 2013 22:25
спасибо за бальзам на душу!

Kev Brown, Oddisee, Evidence, 9th Wonder мои любимые битоделы!
#2 In_bloom 30 April 2013 22:30
держит планку, отличный альбом!

"Хип-хоп не умер. Это просто люди стали поддерживать это дерьмо. Прекратите поддерживать дерьмо и музыка будет лучше." Method Man
#3 shaolin-g 30 April 2013 23:25
Цитата: In_bloom
держит планку, отличный альбом!

Ещё не слушал, но уверен на все сто процентов, что так и есть. K-Def никогда не подводил.


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