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27 October 2015
Author: Joe Jazzy
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Jessica Care Moore - Black Tea The Legend of Jessi James Name: Jessica Care Moore - Black Tea The Legend of Jessi James
Genre: Funk / Jazz / Soul
Release Date: Oct 2, 2015
Label: Javotti Media
Producers: Brady Watt, Decap, Jessica Care Moore Jon Dixon, Kenny Watson, Paris James, Sean Blackman
Featuring: Alicia Renee (aka Blue Eyes), Ideeyah, Imani Uzuri, Jose James, One Belo, Paris Toon, Roy Ayers, Talib Kweli (of Black Star + Reflection Eternal), Ursula Rucker
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps (Спектр)
Size: 175 Mb
Duration: 01:16:03
Description: Black Tea: The Legend of Jessi James is the debut album from renowned poet, author, and publisher, jessica Care moore. The album features guest appearances from Talib Kweli, Roy Ayers and Jose James. Black Tea is Jessica's debut Album via Javotti Media.

01. Intro to Jessi James
02. Walking up 158th St (feat. Alicia Renee)
03. Pieces (feat. Ideeyah)
04. Deep Breath (feat. One Belo)
05. You Want Poems (feat. Jose James & Roy Ayers)
06. Poem Before the End of the World (feat. Alicia Renee)
07. It Ain't Like We Don't (feat. Paris James)
08. I Catch the Rain (feat. Ursula Rucker & Imani Uzuri)
09. Wild Irish Rose (feat. Ideeyah)
10. Catch Me If You Can (feat. Talib Kweli)
11. Balance (feat. Ideeyah)
12. This Is a Bus with Wings
13. Smoke (feat. Stevie Soul)
14. Jessica in Summer
15. The Legend of Jessi James
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Интересная вещь, заберу, спасибо thank


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