MixtapesGrewSum - The Beginning Of A Legacy

23 December 2013
Author: KXNG_J
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GrewSum - The Beginning Of A Legacy
Artist: GrewSum
Album: The Beginning Of A Legacy
Genre: Hip-Hop
Format: mp3
Quality: 192 kbps
Duration: 01:18:50
Size: 107 mb
Description: Одна из первых работ исполнителя

02.Trouble (ft. 3rd Degree)
03.Intro (Ali G Show)
05.Relax (ft. The Incredible Zig)
06.Feel This (ft. Profit)
07.Drop Back (ft. Below Zero & Aliaz)
08.I Won't Stand For It
09.Suppose (ft. Big E)
10.So Sexy (by 3rd Degree)
11.Chronic Freestyle
12.Intro (Nasty Nate)
13.Sonic Boom (by Nasty Nate)
14.Off That Liquor
15.What If I (ft. 3rd Degree)
16.Stand Up (by Loon Tune)
17.Game On Lock (ft. Below Zero)
18.Intro (American Movie)
19.I'm Fucked Up
20.Hip-Hop (ft. X Dash)
21.Let Me Breathe
22.Stupid (ft. Loon Tune)
23.It's All Bad (by 3rd Degree)
24.Screw Freestyle
25.I Can I Will (ft. Minice)
26.My Life (ft. Trajik & Angel)
27.Situations (ft. 3rd Degree)
28.I'm Still

#1 mbutu 23 December 2013 20:43
спасибо большое! пусть хоть и в таком качестве, хватит для ознакомления. неплохо исполняет чел. в итоге- очень понравился тэйп, сильный! i_music

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